Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Checklist

If any of you watch Miss Advised on Bravo (my new favorite show... it's on demand so go watch it now) then you know about precious Julia's "checklist". It's a list of 73 qualities that she would like her future husband to have. I was inspired to create my own checklist while I was watching MA yesterday. Of course, I'm not going to live religiously by these rules. My list is more of a wish list, qualities that my perfect guy would have. It also just seems fun to write down. Maybe one day when I get married, I can look back on this list and see how many of them my husband has, haha. So here it goes...

1. Tall and tan (emphasis on the tan)
2. Blue or green eyes
3. Dark hair
4. Muscular but not a beef head
5. Intelligent - graduated from college
6. Great sense of humor
7. Manly man, cannot be a wussy
8. Likes my cat
9. Doesn't have gross feet
10. Adores me
11. Understands me and my sarcastic sense of humor
12. Makes lots of money for my outlandish shopping habits
13. Wants kids, but not too many (2 or 3. MAYBE 4)
14. Social and outgoing - life of the party
15. NC State fan (not a deal breaker, unless he's a Carolina fan... barf)
16. Parents that I love and love me back
17. Has a sister that I become insta-bffs with (because I have no sisters... tear)
18. Dresses well, but still looks manly (Christian Grey, maybe?)
19. Will never stop surprising me; I'd never get bored with him
20. Romantic and charming
21. Kind and thoughtful not only to me, but to everyone
22. My friends and family love him
23. Adventurous and fun
24. Loves to travel
25. Ambitious - wants to keep moving up in life

So, there you have it. 25 points. Although these qualities would be great in a man, my number one point is that me and my future husband love each other. Nothing else on this list really matters (awww). But seriously he cannot be a Carolina fan. Kidding. No I'm not...
What would you guys add or change about my checklist?
Hope you all have a great day! Be fab! xoxo, CA

P.S. I have a giant list of post topics that I'm going to write about in the very near future (it's on the notepad of my phone, and I'm continuing to add to it). Some of the ones I'm most excited for are: Looking Back on Summer, New Back to School Wardrobe, My Jewelry Obsession, and Thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey. But keep in mind, my list is over 20 topics long, and I just started it yesterday, so y'all are in for a real treat! I can't just give out my fab ideas for anyone to steal. Bye now!


  1. totally agree with #9! that is a huge deal breaker for me. especially in the summertime... i cannot deal with nasty feet. haha

    btw, to answer your question, i was a sigma kappa at appalachian state! i see that you're going to nc state in the fall, & they have sigkap there too!! i've met a lot of their girls at our founders day event :)

    1. Yeah Sigma Kappa is one of the sororities I'm interested in! My cousin was in the one at NC State.