Monday, July 30, 2012

Monogram Monday!

Is Monogram Monday a thing? It is now. This post is about all things monogrammed! Here's some of my favorite monogrammed things, from one OCD freak to another!

My cream colored acrylic monogrammed necklace... love. So preppy.

Hot pink Lacoste laptop case! How cute

Ok, this is probably my favorite thing I made in my crafts class in high school (best class ever). It's a floor mat. It's made out of a big scrap of vinyl floor covering. I used Lilly inspired prints for the monogram. Can't wait to use this in my dorm room!

New Scout cooler. Got this as a graduation gift. Can't wait to use it.

Floppy hats. Left hat is from Marley Lilly, and I think my mom got the right hat at Forever 21 and got it monogrammed. Love these hats.

Monogrammed bathing suit bottom. It's little details that make me happy :)

My towels for my dorm room. My mom got me these for my birthday, and I love them! They're so fluffy. Also, love the color combinations.

Change jar that I painted in crafts. It's almost full... which means a shopping trip in my future :)

Monogram sticker on my car. Love this color

Also made this in crafts. It's two plates and a bowl glued together with candlesticks in between. As you can see, I use it to hold some of my jewelry, but I'm sure you could find many uses for it. Of course, I had to add the monogram at the top (even though it's covered up by all my rings). I should probably organize my jewelry...

Background on my laptop. Made this myself. I'm so crafty with a computer.

Monogrammed waffle wrap. Love the color combo - turquoise and coral.

Phone background. Also made this myself, go me.

Monogrammed long sleeve pocket tee. I've worn this to bed the past three nights, haha. I love it, though. Got it on etsy! 

Little wooden box, also painted in crafts. I use this to store my bobby pins and hair ties. Super cute.

My new bookbag for this year! Love the color. The monogram is navy, not black. Can't wait to use it.

I painted my monogram on this cup. I love it - I use it all the time. Great way to make sure no one steals your drink.

And last but not least, my bed! (Don't know why this picture is so dark.) It just adds a girly touch to my room to make it perfect! Simple and classy.

These are a few of my favorite things! Sorry the post is so long, I just couldn't bear to take anything off. Let me know what you guys think and if I've inspired you to get anything monogrammed! Have a great day. Stay fab! xoxo, CA


  1. There's such thing as a crafts class?? Omg my high school was missing out!! I love all your stuff! I have the exact same ML floppy hat :) And I couldn't be more jealous of your bedspread. That is adorable!

    1. Yes haha crafts 1 and 2! I made sooo much stuff. It was great. But thank you!